The Boss 302 Recovery System

You 60ish people out there will remember the Muscle car era and the Ford Mustang Boss 302.

Me and my friends used to go to the Ford dealership and drool over the 1969,70 Boss 302

Well what do you get when you combine two Keene 151's to increase performance?

A high performance 302 drywasher recovery system of course.

Dual Keene 151 drywashers to double my production, so far it's working great!

Shown with the damp dirt lifting system, no more lifting 5 gallon buckets of damp dirt.

Just push the remote button and let the lift do all the work.

A little more tuning and it will be ready for another field test.

Each trip to the claim things get better and better.

Thanks to Ernie for the name.

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