Colorado Highbanking


Dennis O Neils Property

Bob and Cheryl from Texas on the property and moving a lot of gravel.

A very pretty area.

Here Cheryl takes her turn filling the buckets.

Those are the smaller buckets from Ace Hardware.

Bob says they make working the gravel a lot easier.

Bob runs an extension sluice on his highbanker to be sure and capture all the gold.

Cindy, Ken and Ron from Colorado testing a new highbanker.

Ken and Ron feeding gravel.

Discussing sluice angles and water flow rates.

Lots of fun working with a new highbanker in the goldfields.

I like their squirrel cage around the foot valve.

Uncle Jim, Matt and son Cash from Colorado working their new dredge/highbanker.

Cash trying his hand at dredging.

Getting gold is ok, but watching Cash go at it was worth much more!

That face says it all!

I'd like to thank all the prospectors for the photo's and best of luck to you.

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