The Green Machine

A small prototype to test out

a couple ideas before we build the large version.

My brother and I wanted a engine driven rock/gravel separator.

It would be used in conjunction with a drywasher and

mini excavator moving the material.

(Funny how these hobbies slowly grow and grow.)

I would build it and he would provide the excavator. I happen to have a 

small 2hp Honda engine, lots and lots of misc other parts

and then bought the steel.

I used six 350 chevy valve springs for the spring/vibration and offset weights on

both sides for the vertical/horizontal shake. Then some 3/8 minus

expanded metal to do the screening. Lastly a hopper,

  bracing and it should be finished, right?


Couldn't stop there, I included the drywasher.

Now we had a screener and drywasher.

I chose the bellows type as I already had all the stuff to build it.

I him-hawed back and forth how to power it, tap into the on board

gas engine or another source of power.

Well went with another power source, an electric motor.

This made it easier to build and we could easily control the

puffer speed with a electronic speed controller.

Here's the simple motor and control for bellows.

Battery, speed control and motor. I may need

a dust cover for that speed controller.

Not much to it.

I'm trying to keep it simple.

Getting pretty much finished here.

Automatic belt tensioner.

Added a little flow control and now it's good to go.

Close up of gate and control arm.

Just about finished and ready to go to work. If it works well we'll

start thinking about the big one.

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