Green Machine


The new Green Machine.

Now with motor options and a new Keene 151S gold recovery system.

Anything that had to do with the puffer has been removed. We found

the Keene was faster and more efficient when going for the gold. We

added high power magnets in a couple places to hold the tools we use

often and spent time looking for. The wheels now have tabs on the bolts

and nuts so no tools are needed to install or remove. The Grizzly motor

can now go electric (our backup) by pulling one pin if needed.

The gas engine has a new intake manifold that allows fresh air to be ducted in

from a remote air filter instead of breathing all that dust. The motor now has a

rock shield to protect it from all the sand and gravel that somehow finds its 

way onto and into it before. The feed gate has totally been redesigned to 

allow small sticks/twigs to go through now instead of

slowing/stopping the flow.

We added the front and rear bottom crossmembers to keep the frame on

the side of the hill when we dig. Before it tended to slide off into our hole

as we dug near it.

This is that remote air filter in a coffee can. I went to Auto Zone and looked

on the wall for the cheapest air filter they had and just so happen it was a

large one. It was exactly what we needed for this project.

Never enough magnets for the tools we use often. The duplex nails are for

pining the tow bar to the frame when we haul it back and forth with the atv.

Miner Ed wanted more hopper on top so we added more.

Lastly we added a way to spike the whole frame in 4 places to the ground to

keep it from walking or sliding from final position. I think we have a much

better machine now, soon time will tell.


When your dirt is dry this Keene 151 is a awesome gold getting machine!

It's fast and if you run your riffles more flat than angled you won't find but

 a couple pin heads in your fine tailings. If your dirt is slightly damp you will

need to run it twice but this is where the Keene shines again with the heated

air system they use. A great gold getting machine!

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