Prospector Jim demonstrates Drywashing

Jim is drywashing in the AZ goldfields.

Here Jim shows my brother James what drywashing is all about.

Not a lot of gold prospecting in Texas.

Jim uses a Keene puffer/bellows type drywasher.

He claims these puffers are better than the blower types. Total protection

here, gloves, large hat no sunburn or dust (valley fever) in Jims lungs.

Here Jim and Miner Ed visit, James thinks there's got to be

a easier way to do all this.

(he works with heavy equipment back home)

This is the small wash Jim has been working this spring.

Ed has a lot of experience with mining and gives James his expert opinion.

Another photo of the miner and all the tailings he's generated.

Nice and quiet these little puffers, not to big and not to small.

Easy to clean up after a few runs.

Good luck Jim and we'll try not to bother you so much

with all the questions.

Thanks again for the demo!

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