Emergency Stove

This project will warm your belly!

It's fast and efficient.

It's called a Rocket Stove.

I built this one for less than 15.00

They are fast and efficient at boiling water and cooking.

Least amount of wood, twigs, whatever fuel for most work.

I'm talking Prepper Stuff here.

It started with a little steel, some for the stove and a clean out rake, nothing critical..

The large flat plate goes in just to the start of the vertical tube and stops,

its a platform for the wood to set on.

I used 3 inch tubing.

Which got welded into this stove...

Simple construction, a pot or frying pan sets here..

Some people bring the cross pieces together in the middle.

Wood or fuel goes in the top hole and air the bottom.

Going to paint with high temp flat black paint.

Here shown with pan of water and 5 sticks for fuel for first test. Shove a lit wad of

paper in the air hole all the way forward till it stops under the sticks.

Had the water boiling in 12 minutes on these sticks.

A look down the tube after the water boiled, added two more sticks.

You slowly move the sticks forward every minute as they burn down.

Now for some chunky chicken noodle soup, I'm still using those same original sticks.

In about 17 min I had my supper and boiled water all on less than 8 sticks.

After having built and tested this 3 inch version I think it would work well

for 1 or 2 people. If I was cooking for 3 or more you would want to

build a 4 inch version rocket stove for the added capacity.

Still it's a very efficient stove for bad times.

Or just plain fun!

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