Ron's Drywash Operation

Gold Basin, Az

Here Ron is working his Gold Buddy, a large blower drywasher.

Ron is a member of the MPA gold prospectors club.

This hillside has given up lots of gold in the past.

At 74 years young, digging, filling buckets and drywashing keeps him in shape.

He and his buddy Bob, in the background, like to make day trips to the claim.

This isn't a get rich deal, just a fun exciting hobby and the gold is still out there.


These smaller buckets make it easier to lift and dump.

We all say, we will fill the 5 gallon ones half full, sure, sure we will.

Can't over fill these buckets.

Ron has it figured out!

He can move just as much dirt without damaging the lower back.

That drywasher is the big Gold Buddy Stallion.

He runs the blower at just above idle and it gets the gold.

He was a little leary of me taking a lot of photos of him.

He questioned why I was taking so many, ha!

I explained, when you have a website you never have enough photos, and you said it was ok.

He said well the grandkids may get a kick out of seeing them someday.

Time for a clean up.

He dumps the riffle tray into the big black tub for easy clean ups.

After a run of the buckets it's time for R&R. Remember this is for fun, fellowship

and a bit of exercise. Like they say the gold is just extra.

Thank You Ron for all the photos and good luck

to you and Bob.

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